Planning for Higher Education Journal

Modifying the Strategic Planning Engine

A Case Study
From Volume 46 Number 4 | July–September 2018
By Christina Juris Bennett, Sharyl Kinney
Planning Types: Strategic Planning

Academic strategic planning can be difficult given the bevy of stakeholders and often multiple sets of accreditation criteria. Recognizing the limits of the traditional SWOT model, our program chose to use the Strategic Planning Engine model. The model itself is quite laborious, and to increase its usability, we simplified the environmental assessments. Our results proved to be useful and relevant, and we developed a series of feasible objectives. In this article, we describe and evaluate our experience. In comparison to SWOT, we found this process to be more objective and replicable, scalable and responsive to multiple criteria, flexible to accommodate changing strategic plans or criteria, and transparent. With that being said, we caution about the level of labor required and organization and communication needed. Finally, we recommend implementing a leadership team, a communication plan, and a plan on how to respond to uncontrollable circumstances and developing a level of comfort with limited resource allocation.

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