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Designing and Building Your Capital Project

The first step in building your capital project is choosing the delivery method that best meets your institution’s needs and the project’s unique goals.
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Designing the Money

In this session, we'll share how Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) applies a standard process to address its unique capital needs and withstand the test of time. CSCU maintains its 10-year capital plan in a dynamic environment to remain relevant and resilient for allocating resources equitably between its sixteen campuses with optimal effect.
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Expanding Residential Accommodation With Limited New Construction

Come learn how a 2016 housing planning study that started with an inventory analysis quickly evolved into an ongoing program to add 100+ beds per year beginning in 2017.

Financial Planning Guidelines for Facility Renewal and Adaption

This publication provides executive managers and trustees with guidelines for long-term financial planning for plant renewal and adaption.
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Innovative Data Tools That Support Capital and Facilities Planning

In this session, we will discuss data strategies for capital and facilities planning that enable real-time mobile access to planning tools, automated project tracking, metrics, and building transparency in order to support the planning and execution process.
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Is a Capital Project on Your Plate?

Here are eight steps proven to help planners navigate the complexities and avoid the pitfalls that are too often part of the process when planning and funding capital projects.
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Nurturing Your Capital Project

By following the progression of steps needed to complete a typical capital improvement project detailed here, even the most complex project can be accomplished effectively and efficiently.
Example Plans

Phase II Facilities Master Plan Summary

A summary of facilities projects the college proposes to fund with capital bond proceeds.
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Partnership opportunities are broad and plentiful—only limited by an institution’s imagination.

The Non-Architect’s Guide To Major Capital Projects

This book provides the non-architect with a broad framework of understanding in the steps, phases, and sequence of planning, designing, and delivering a capital project.
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The Spectrum of Space and Capital Planning in Florida and Georgia

The Florida State and Georgia University Systems employ varied approaches to their space standards, planning, and capital programs. We’ll compare these approaches and discuss best practices for determining the effectiveness of space use and the planning process.