The Non-Architect’s Guide To Major Capital Projects

Planning, Designing, and Delivering New Buildings
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Published January 1, 2005
By Phillip S. Waite
Planning Types: Campus Planning

This book is an outgrowth of Phillip S. Waite’s popular SCUP workshops and webcast. In his preface, Waite explains that “[N]on-architects are often placed in positions of leadership or responsibility in a capital project process. Administrators, managers, and academics, while no doubt experts within their own specialties, often have little or no training to prepare them for a role in a major capital project.” This book provides the non-architect with a broad framework of understanding in the steps, phases, and sequence of planning, designing, and delivering a capital project. Although written focused on the higher education environment, the lessons to be learned from this book are as pertinent in the K—12 and corporate world as they are in the realm of colleges and universities. In addition to appealing to ”non-architects,“ it should also appeal to architects who (a) may wish to understand what those non-architects are learning from this book and (b) may wish to purchase for distribution to clients or potential clients as part of the information process.

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