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Where planning comes together. T​he power of SCUP is its community. We learn from one another, sharing how we’ve achieved success and, maybe more importantly, what we’ve learned from failure. SCUP authors, produces, and curates thousands of resources to help you prepare for the future, overcome challenges, and bring planning together at your college or university.
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Planning for Higher Education Journal

Grappling with Strategic DissonanceLocked

From Volume 31 Number 1 | September–November 2002
Educational technology units must continually monitor their strategic plans to ensure that they are aligned with the evolving realities of their institutions.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Higher Education’s New High-Tech ExecutivesLocked

From Volume 23 Number 1 | Fall 1994
To plan for and manage the high-tech revolution, institutions are introducing a CIO.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

What’s Ahead in the Computer AgeLocked

From Volume 26 Number 4 | Summer 1998
Conference Presentations

How Our IT Became Strategic Partners (Especially With Academic Affairs)

Published 2017
We will describe how our IT transformed to align with the university strategic plan, focusing on partnerships that have been created with academic affairs.

Succeeding at Planning Survey Report

Results from the 2015 Survey of Higher Education Leaders
Published 2015
SCUP partnered with the Baker Strategy Group in 2015 to conduct a study with more than 2,200 leaders who plan at colleges and universities. Several themes emerged around planning challenges and how to respond, which are explored in this report.

Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement ToolkitLocked

Published 2019
This toolkit includes recommendations and worksheets to help you analyze your stakeholders and determine how to meaningfully engage them in the planning process.

5 Ways to Use Environmental Scanning

Published October 11, 2019
The practice of environmental scanning is often a first step in the strategic planning process. Typically, planning teams engage in an exhaustive analysis of the internal and external forces acting on the institution to set the planning context. But should scanning the internal and external environment be limited to the early phases of strategic planning?
Conference Presentations

Disruption is Upon Us

Integrated Planning is Your Superpower
Published 2019
This session will discuss sources of disruption and how integrated planning can help institutions prepare for all different types as well as acculturate change conversation on campus.

What If?

5 Questions About the Future of Higher Education
Published 2020
Two SCUP leaders use SCUP’s Trends for Higher Education report to explore five “What If?” questions, breaking down big trends and exploring how these trends might impact higher education.
Example Plans

Information Technology Plan Locked

Public Doctoral/Research University (AZ, United States)

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Example Plans

Information Technology Plan Locked

Private Doctoral/Research University (MA, United States)
University technology plan with expressed alignment to the strategic plan.

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Example Plans

Information Technology Plan Locked

Public Associate’s College (AZ, United States)
Technology plan for the college including current status of technology at the college, needs statement, and information about college technology directions.

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