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The best conferences bring peer-to-peer learning and actionable information together. Download presentation slideshows or stream video from some of the most respected names in ​higher education who have ​presented at SCUP’s ​one-day, regional, and annual ​events.

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Conference Presentations


Building Healthy, Aligned Planning and Assessment Habits Prior to Accreditation Reviews
Published 2016
This session shares how one institution efficiently integrated and aligned planning and assessment activities with accreditation standards and cycles.
Conference Presentations

Making an IMPACT!

Advancing Student-Centered Learning at Purdue University
Published 2014
Discussion will focus on the changing expectations for librarians, especially as instructional partners, the redesigning of library learning spaces to support instructional innovation, and elements necessary for developing a faculty learning community focused on enhancing student-centered learning.
Conference Presentations

Strategic Implementation

Put Your Employees in the Driver’s Seat
Published 2014
By engaging employees as “owners” in the strategic planning process, they can actively manage the forces and operational processes during plan implementation, monitoring, and controlling.
Conference Presentations

Disasters Happen

Get Ready, Stay Ready! Integrated Academic Continuity Planning
Published 2013
Go beyond theory and concepts to the actual integrated mechanics and step-by-step methodology for developing and maintaining operational-level continuity plans.
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