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June 7, 2021

Increasing Alumni Giving at HBCUs

Start by Broadening the Job Titles of Those Who Do the Asking

By reviewing historical perspectives and conducting current-day personal interviews, the authors researched ways to engage HBCU alumni in giving back to their alma maters.

From Volume 49 Number 3 | April–June 2021

Abstract: In higher education philanthropy, alumni giving is a tremendously vital aspect, especially for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Throughout the history of alumni giving, though, HBCUs have not enjoyed the same success in soliciting and cultivating donations as Primarily White Institutions (PWIs) have. We compiled literature and conducted snowball sampling of private HBCU alumni to understand the motivations for giving or not to their alma maters.

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Fund-Raisers as Presidents

From Volume 26 Number 3 | Spring 1998

Abstract: Book review of The Advancement President and the Academy, eidted by Mary Kay Murphy. ACE/Oryx Press, 1997. 153 pages. ISBN 1-57356-028-6. Pull quotes: "The advancement president must live out a commitment to intellectual life."

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