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Planning for Higher Education Journal

Untangling the History and Procedures of Strategic PlanningLocked

We Review a Century of Literature for Answers
From Volume 48 Number 4 | July–September 2020
Almost since the time when the concept of strategic planning first appeared in the literature of higher education, its value has been questioned. Do strategic plans help institutions achieve excellence, or are they more likely to gather dust on a shelf? Perspectives are presented through a review of nearly 100 years of the history and theoretical basis for strategic plans.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Using Positive Turbulence for Planning and ChangeLocked

From Volume 46 Number 4 | July–September 2018
As higher education leaders, we must take charge of our destinies and shape our industry by harnessing the forces of positive change using innovative, intentional approaches.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Instituting a New Degree ProgramLocked

A Case Study of University Planning
From Volume 45 Number 4 | July–September 2017
Change in higher education rests on the skills of administrators and their knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of various planning approaches described in this case study.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Responsibility Center Budgeting and Management “Lite” in University FinanceLocked

Why Is RCB/RCM Never Fully Deployed?
From Volume 45 Number 3 | April–June 2017
Despite its promise of revenue generation, cost reduction, and a host of other benefits, what is it about RCB/RCM that leads universities to deploy it only partially?
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Enriching Planning Through Industry AnalysisLocked

From Volume 38 Number 1 | October–December 2009
The authors perform an ‘industry analysis’ for higher education, using the five forces model of M.E. Porter.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Culture, Context, and the Pursuit of SustainabilityLocked

Contemplating Problems, Parameters, and Possibilities in an Increasingly Complex World
From Volume 38 Number 1 | October–December 2009
No more ‘business as usual’; we must understand the importance of place and culture, and engage in our design work responsibly and with great innovation.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

A Developmental Perspective on PlanningLocked

From Volume 26 Number 4 | Summer 1998
Traditional planning fails to consider the complex, unpredictable ways that institutions change and develop.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

A Philosophic Foundation for Planning?Locked

From Volume 19 Number 3 | Spring 1991