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Conference Presentations

Creating Empathy-Driven Design Collaborations with Virtual Reality

Published 2020
We will demonstrate how we incorporated VR into stakeholder engagement for the University of Virginia's Student Health and Wellness Center to address health outcomes, promote student learning, and collaborate with interdisciplinary partners across campus.
Conference Presentations

Changing Landscapes and Environments in Health Professions Education

Published 2019
Come learn how the campus built environment is changing in response to the healthcare industry's evolving challenges and opportunities.
Conference Presentations

Integrating an Academic Medical Center with a Private Hospital

Published 2019
In this session, we will show how a successful design process integrates an academic medical center with a private hospital campus (including a Level 1 trauma center), simultaneously advancing education for students and improving patient outcomes.
Conference Presentations

Solving the Collaboration Equation for an Interprofessional Health Education Facility

Published 2019
Learn how to deliver on a singular vision with a large-scale, complex, joint-venture project by using immersive collaborative practices and continuous improvement processes, based on a project between Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic.
Conference Presentations

Not Your Typical Classroom

Modalities in Medical Education
Published 2019
This session will explore current and emerging approaches for medical teaching environments that enhance learning outcomes as well as inventive ways of leveraging building infrastructure for maximum functionality.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Changing the Future of Health CareLocked

The University of North Dakota’s New School of Medicine and Health Sciences
From Volume 45 Number 4 | July–September 2017
Designed and built for collaborative, interdisciplinary education through a highly engaged process, this building transforms health care education and health care for the entire state.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Cultivating IntegrationLocked

Urban Farming on a Medical University Campus
From Volume 41 Number 3 | March–May 2013
The MUSC Urban Farm is designed to be a living classroom where students, faculty, staff, and the community come together to explore the connection between food and health.
Example Plans

Master Plan Locked

Private Doctoral/Research University (MA, United States)
An amendment to the university medical campus master plan, detailing an additional expansion.

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