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Planning for Higher Education Journal

June 1, 2002

Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Faculty

Despite efforts to alleviate problems associated with women and minority recruitment and retention, problems still exist, as shown in a review of current literature and a survey of selected institutions.

From Volume 30 Number 4 | Summer 2002

Abstract: Recruiting and retaining women and minority faculty members is a particularly challenging workforce development issue facing many universities. This article summarizes current literature and the results of a survey of selected institutions to gauge responses to this challenge. All the survey respondents indicated that recruitment of women and minority candidates has been problematic, that retention problems vary, and that job placement is difficult and can negatively influence the recruitment and retention of women and minority faculty members. Job placement for partners has been most difficult for those universities located in small- to mid-sized cities. A variety of programs have been attempted to alleviate problems of recruitment and retention.

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