Libraries in Shaping the Future of Higher Education
Libraries as Place in Institutional Transformation

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Part One: June 22
Libraries’ Leadership in Transforming Student Success

Part Two: June 24
Library Support for Equitable Access to Knowledge


Libraries in Shaping the Future of Higher Education

In this series of conversations, higher education administrators, planners, designers, and library stakeholders will discuss the challenges to higher education in a changing world and how more deeply to engage libraries to enable institutional achievement.

Come away with a deeper understanding of the contribution of libraries to shape the future of higher education. Three webinars will focus on the place of the library, as partners in ensuring student success, and in support for equitable access to knowledge.

Part Three: Libraries as Place in Institutional Transformation

Date TBD

In what ways will libraries continue to be the intellectual hubs where users interact with ideas in both physical and virtual environments to expand learning and facilitate the creation of new knowledge? The pandemic has illustrated the power of place and the need for the post-pandemic campus to integrate academic activities for lifelong learning and research.

This conversation will explore the place of the library to convene people for impactful connections, and the new emerging and transformational role of libraries as learning commons that shape the overall campus as a network for collaboration.

Featured Speakers

Nicholas Santilli (Host)
Senior Director of Learning Strategy
Society for College and University Planning

Lynn Priddy (Panelist)
President and CEO
Claremont Lincoln University

Adriene I. Lim (Panelist)
Dean of Libraries
University of Maryland
College Park

Brian Smith (Panelist)
The Honorable David S. Nelson Chair and Associate Dean for Research
Boston College

Elliot Felix (Panelist)
brightspot strategy

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Cost: Free for everyone.

This webinar will be recorded. Closed captioning via Otter Ai will be provided for this webinar.