Libraries in Shaping the Future of Higher Education
Library Support for Equitable Access to Knowledge

June 24, 2021
Free webinar | 2:00 PM-3:00 PM Eastern

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Part One: June 22
Libraries’ Leadership in Transforming Student Success

Part Three: September 21
Libraries as Place in Institutional Transformation


Libraries in Shaping the Future of Higher Education

In this series of conversations, higher education administrators, planners, designers, and library stakeholders will discuss the challenges to higher education in a changing world and how more deeply to engage libraries to enable institutional achievement.

Come away with a deeper understanding of the contribution of libraries to shape the future of higher education. Three webinars will focus on the place of the library, as partners in ensuring student success, and in support for equitable access to knowledge.

Part Two: Library Support for Equitable Access to Knowledge

June 24
Free webinar | 2:00 PM-3:00 PM Eastern

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In a climate of anti-intellectualism, institutions of higher education remain committed to making knowledge accessible and translating research to help solve society’s pressing challenges. Libraries have long served as stewards of research publications and creative academic output, facilitating access. How are they serving both as advisors to help scholars and students be more productive in accessing and utilizing scholarship throughout the research cycle, and as institutional partners to ensure their university’s research output is globally findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable towards the aim of greater open access, and impact?

This webinar will be recorded. Closed captioning via Otter Ai will be provided for this webinar.

Featured Speakers

Michael D. Moss (Host)
Society for College and University Planning

Jon Cawthorne (Moderator)
Dean of University Library System and School of Information Sciences,
Wayne State University [President ACRL]

Yasmeen Shorish (Panelist)
Head of Scholarly Communications Strategies/Associate Professor
James Madison University Libraries

Roger Schonfeld (Panelist)
Director, Libraries, Scholarly Communication, and Museums Program
Ithaka S+R

Kaitlin Thaney (Panelist)
Executive Director
Invest in Open Infrastructure

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Special Thanks!

Special thanks to Danuta Nitecki, the Dean of Libraries at Drexel University and Professor in its College of Computing and Informatics. She is the liaison between ACRL and SCUP, and has been instrumental in planning this webinar series.