Transform Existing Planning and Implementation Processes

April 26, 2023
Webinar (Free for Members) 1:00 - 2:00 PM Eastern

Webinar Series

April 26
Transform Existing Planning and Implementation Processes

May 24
Destination 2030: The Need for Transformation Architects

June 7
Leveraging New Tools to Revolutionize Transformation Efforts and Outcomes


Getting Started on Transformation

Many institutions are committed to making their planning processes more transformative as they face challenging times. While they see existential disruptions, many also see promising opportunities if they can transform to capitalize on them. But they don’t know how or where to start, nor do they have the tools to simultaneously overcome institutional inertia and the powerful tendency of their communities to return to the old normal.

This webinar series will describe three critical elements for a successful expeditionary journey to transformation.

  1. Redirecting current planning and implementation processes, using the building blocks of transformation campaigns.
  2. Transforming traditional planners into transformation architects.
  3. Leveraging a new generation of advanced, virtualized tools to facilitate and accelerate transformation campaigns.

Join us for all three webinars where leaders will provide examples of all of the critical elements in action.

April 26 | 1:00pm – 2:00pm Eastern

Transform Existing Planning and Implementation Processes

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Join us as a panel of experienced leaders provide an overview of a systematic approach for getting started on transformation. The primary focus will be on how to redirect traditional strategic planning processes into ones that center on transformative and continuously adapting strategies rather than the relatively inflexible plans currently used by most institutions.

Additionally, presenters will describe how to transform existing ineffective approaches for the “implementation” of strategic plans through “orchestration.” This approach weaves together all of the ingredients needed for successful implementation—strong leadership, needed organizational capacity, necessary changes in culture, and measures to assess goal achievement.

As part of their registration, participants will be directed to resources in our online Body of Knowledge having specific applicability to the topic of this webinar.

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduce the key elements of this webinar “Getting Started on Transformation.”
  • Achieve an awareness of the building blocks of intentional, systematic processes for transformation in higher education.
  • Understand the application of this transformation process in the School of Pharmacy-Boston, MCPHS
  • Gain insights on the process from the perspective of the school’s dean.


Donald Norris
President and FounderStrategic Initiatives
Robert DiCenzo
DeanMassachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
President and FounderSierra Learning Solutions
Joseph (Tim) Gilmour
Senior ConsultantStrategic Initiatives