Donald Norris

Dr. Donald Norris

President and Founder
Strategic Initiatives

Donald Norris has provided thought leadership to higher education for the last 30 years and has guided hundreds of organizations in leading and navigating change, while serving as President and Founder of Strategic Initiatives, Inc. He began his career as an institutional researcher and strategic planner at The University of Michigan, The University of Texas at Austin, and the University of Houston. He then transitioned into consulting in technology-driven change, strategy, transformation, and leadership. He has co-authored over 20 books and monographs on transformative change, including SCUP’s bestselling, Transforming Higher Education: A Vision for Learning for the 21st Century (1995). The core theory, frameworks, tools, and practices presented in his latest book Transforming for Turbulent Times: An Action Agenda for Higher Education Leaders (2021) have been developed and refined by him and his many collaborators over the years. This book and associated body of knowledge represent a culmination of his life’s work as a leader in strategic thinking and transformation in the higher education and nonprofit worlds. He has been awarded SCUP’s Distinguished Service Award and the K.C. Parsons Founders Award for Exceptional Contributions to Higher Education Planning.