Dr. Rob Brodnick

President and Founder
Sierra Learning Solutions
Colfax, CA

Rob Brodnick is president and founder of Sierra Learning Solutions. He received a Ph.D. in Psychoeducational Development from Temple University and has spent three decades developing and deploying his skills in innovation, design thinking, and group/team facilitation in a wide range of organizations and learning enterprises. Over the past decade Dr. Brodnick has developed a groundbreaking array of tools, methodologies, and practices for deploying design thinking in higher education to craft expeditionary strategies, innovate programs and processes, and orchestrate transformative change. During Covid, he deployed Zoom/Miro to virtualize processes strategic planning, assessment, and implementation processes, creating a revolutionary generation of tools for transformation in turbulent times. Sierra Learning Solutions and Strategic Initiatives have collaborated on many groundbreaking consulting projects utilizing these tools and on case studies supporting Transforming for Turbulent Times.

Dr. Brodnick has written a well-regarded book Innovations in Strategy Crafting and is working on another on how to understand and optimize ecosystems in higher education. Dr. Brodnick has been very active in SCUP, serving on the SCUP Board, and as program chair of the annual conference in Vancouver, and in 2009 being honored with SCUP’s award for Institutional Innovation and Integration.