Joseph (Tim) Gilmour

Dr. Joseph (Tim) Gilmour

Senior Consultant
Strategic Initiatives

Joseph (Tim) Gilmour worked in progressively responsible administrative and leadership positions in higher education for 40 years. In that time, he served as an executive assistant to the president of the University of Maryland College Park, vice president for Strategic Planning at Georgia Tech, provost at Northwest Missouri State University, and president of Wilkes University. The core themes for his work have been strategic thinking and performance excellence. At Wilkes, he was recognized for leading and mobilizing a team that forged new partnerships and collaborations that significantly increased enrollments, new revenues, and talent development.

Since his retirement, he has served as a principal for Strategic Initiatives and worked on the development of web-based Presidential Assessment Processes and a number of transformation campaigns. He also coauthored Transforming for Turbulent Times. In this work, he has provided a senior leadership perspective and worked on the design of a transformation process that focuses on long-term vision, inclusion, innovation and execution.