Swati Khimesra

President | CEO
Surface 678

Swati Khimesra is a Principal and CEO at Surface 678, a landscape architectural firm based in Durham, North Carolina. Surface 678 is dedicated to innovative thought and the integration of design and technique into creating memorable experiences and places that rejuvenate and bring joy. Swati leads her team at Surface 678 in the design and management of complex projects with multi-disciplinary design teams in both the private and public development sectors and her practice highlights her firm belief in the collaborative design process, from site inventory and analysis through design and construction.

Swati’s career as a leader in landscape architecture encapsulates over 18 years of experience over diverse geographic locations where she has led multiple award-winning projects. Central to her work is the crafting of user experiences that provide a deeper connection to nature through the medium of landscape architecture and the merging of design with art, culture, and sustainable infrastructure.