Honor - SCUP Excellence in Planning for a New Campus

Anant National University

Anant National University New Campus Master Plan
Anant National University - Anant National University New Campus Master Plan
Jury Comments
“. . . classroom in the forest” is carried through successfully from campus plan to building design . . . embodies the mission and goals while acknowledging the site constraints and context . . . prioritizes people and the environment . . .”


    • Site – 110 acres
    • First multidisciplinary all-residential design school campus in India.
    • The plan depicts a campus embedded in nature.
    • Integrates the campus with existing trees and habitat.
    • Deep analysis of climatic conditions and socio-cultural practices was conducted.
    • Design guidelines were developed for all buildings
    • Student housing is designed as an integrated living/learning environment.


The university currently operates out of an existing academic building that has outdated facilities and does not encourage collaborative learning. The framework plan preserves this building and transforms it into a 21st century design school. The campus heart is formed around a grove of existing trees. A series of collaborative academic studio buildings surround the heart, with the learning and design hub forming the gateway anchor (hybrid of learning commons, student center, and maker space). Three distinct living/learning communities surround the academic core, extending the learning environment while creating an appropriate scale for social and community bonding.

Project Team