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Better Value and Outcomes through Integrative Design

In this session, we'll share our results and challenges with the Integrative Design Process (IDP) at Princeton, and show how you can use an IDP to realize better value and outcomes for your campus project.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Design-Build Delivers Added Value to the University of North Georgia

Design-build delivery helps higher education institutions control costs, streamline processes and communications, and more efficiently and effectively meet project objectives.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Designing and Building Your Capital Project

The first step in building your capital project is choosing the delivery method that best meets your institution’s needs and the project’s unique goals.
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Institutional Resilience

In this session, we'll demonstrate through two University of Pennsylvania projects how institutions can approach sustained enrollment, cross-disciplinary collaboration, navigating the funding environment, and adapting to changing user needs in support of long-term institutional resilience.
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Institutional Strategies in Project Delivery

Brown University's Strategic Sourcing program, a strategic partnership that streamlines planning, design, and construction for the university, delivers higher quality project outcomes with long-term financial savings.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Integrated Project Planning in a Construction Management Environment

When the whole team knows the “why” behind the planning and design process, the result is a better “what.”