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Bringing it to the City

Come learn how to develop strategic partnerships among university, developer, and consultant stakeholders at your institution as well as optimize site development for long-term improvements in recruitment, retention, and revenue.
Example Plans

Campus Master Plan

Master plan for a community college system’s newest campus, including the relocation of several programs.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Collaborative Spaces Transform Teaching, Amplify Learning, and Maximize Resources

A wide range of interactive, hands-on, and socially enhanced settings provide space for the most effective and dynamic teaching and learning in higher education today.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Designing Art Facilities that Support Truly Collaborative Approaches to Teaching and Learning

The author explores the planning process for U Chicago's new multidisciplinary arts center, Logan Center, the final design of which challenges thinking on conventional program pairs.
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How the Performing Arts Foster Successful Long-term Town and Gown Relationship Growth

This session will discuss how performing arts facilities, when successfully planned, designed, and programmed, can enhance and respond to evolving campus and community cultural demands.
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Planning Interrupted

From the onset of COVID-19, Moore College has demonstrated how a dense urban campus can adapt to the new normal by transforming common space for maximum use to enhance the creative arts education pedagogy—join us to learn about their innovative strategies.
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The Jay and Susie Gogue Performing Arts Center

The latest installment of a developing arts district at Auburn University, The Jay and Susie Gogue Performing Arts Center is an 85,000 gross square feet facility consisting of a multi-purpose performance hall, a flexible second venue and outdoor amphitheater, and public front-of-house and technical back-of-house support spaces. This virtual live tour will feature a mixture of produced video and live feed to offer an overview of the planning and architectural considerations involved in the design of a community-facing building.