Energy Infrastructure

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Achieving a Carbon Neutral Campus Infrastructure

In order to achieve their ambitious goal of decarbonization by 2035, Swarthmore College carried out the design and planned implementation of new campus energy systems. Learn how to apply their valuable strategies to create a sustainable decarbonized environment for your campus community.
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Achieving a Sustainable Campus Master Plan through Integrative Design

This session will explore Princeton University’s campus master plan, which engages an ethos of sustainability through the lens of carbon emissions, landscape design, energy, and water efficiency, from design through construction.
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Campus Historic Preservation and Adaptive Reuse

By integrating historic buildings into your campus planning, their continued reuse can help solve some of the specific challenges facing university planners today.
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Decarbonizing Your Campus

This session will discuss transitioning away from fossil fuels for campus heating and transportation and explore new technical, procurement, and phasing strategies to cost-effectively achieve carbon reduction and resiliency goals.
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Drilling Through the Carbon Barrier

As a model for other institutions, we'll contextualize and detail two of the largest and deepest ground-source heat pump-chiller systems used to unlock campus-wide carbon neutrality—at Boston University and Ball State University.
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Energy Master Planning to Reduce Carbon Emissions

This session will provide you with tools to engage in meaningful campus discussion about implementing a transition away from fossil fuels for heating and cooling and achieving net zero carbon emissions.
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How a Substation Project Enabled a New Academic Research Building at Penn

This session will explore how the University of Pennsylvania is achieving new student learning and research spaces within an infrastructure project.
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Managing Your Historic Campus Facilities in Today’s Resource-Constrained Environment

How are you addressing your campus’ historic facilities with so many competing needs for limited resources? This webinar will outline strategies for the management of historic properties on college and university campuses, with guidelines, standards, and best practices to address a wide range of concerns dealing with historic facilities.
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Passive House Design and Residence Halls

The session will discuss the basics of Passive House (PH) design, how it can both save energy and improve the quality of the interior environment. The presenters will illustrate how Passive House design has been incorporated from both a design and administrative standpoint at the new residence hall at the University of Toronto Scarborough.
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Planning Pathways to Carbon Reduction

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Putting the Green in Infrastructure

Example Plans

RELLIS Campus Master Plan

Detailed campus master plan documentation for the institution’s innovation campus.
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Setting Building Energy Standards

Individual cities, states, and utility incentive programs are going beyond carbon neutral standards to embrace energy consumption limits—this session will present these new strategies as models and options for campus building energy standards.
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Sustainability and Resiliency

This session will discuss Rider University's energy master plan, which aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 through integrating facility management and future campus development as well as incorporating energy conservation and generation options.
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Transforming CSU Monterey Bay With the Living Community Challenge

California State University-Monterey Bay (CSU-MB) is the first university campus to register for the Living Community Challenge, becoming a model for how university campus design and planning can have a profound impact beyond the campus. We will discuss how our 2018 Architecture at Zero award-winning wellness and recreation design solution is transforming CSU-MB into a healthy, sustainable, net-positive environment.
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Universities on Fire

This session explores the impact of climate change on higher education and how academia may respond.