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Transforming CSU Monterey Bay With the Living Community Challenge

Delivered May 15, 2020
Presented by Thomas Carlson-Reddig, Community Studio Global Practice Leader, Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, Inc.; Matthew McCluney, Senior Campus Planner, California State University-Monterey Bay; Lacey Raak, Director of Sustainability, California State University-Monterey Bay

Institutions referenced in this resource:
California State University-Monterey Bay

California State University-Monterey Bay (CSU-MB) is the first university campus to register for the Living Community Challenge, becoming a model for how university campus design and planning can have a profound impact beyond the campus. We will discuss how our 2018 Architecture at Zero award-winning wellness and recreation design solution is transforming CSU-MB into a healthy, sustainable, net-positive environment. Gain insight into the design solution's concepts, data, and final design that will help you develop strategies to improve the environment and quality of life on your campus.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Apply the Living Community Challenge principles on your campus to foster a healthy, sustainable environment.
  2. Identify the essential steps and processes to achieve net-zero energy on your campus.
  3. Demonstrate to your surrounding communities how the Living Community Challenge and net-zero energy can have a positive impact beyond the boundaries of the campus and provide environmental justice.
  4. Identify ways to change your transportation habits and find opportunities to exchange knowledge through virtual meetings to reduce your carbon footprint.
Recorded Spring 2020.