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Discovering Transformative Opportunities for the Athletic Facilities at the University of Pittsburgh

The challenge for many colleges and universities moving forward is to build and renovate the least amount of space for the greatest number of users and uses.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

From Lagging to Leading

An integrated team of cross-discipline collaborators accomplished their objective of creatively reimagining athletic facilities at two institutions for the greater good of each campus and its community. Using sustainable and cost-efficient design opportunities and aligned technologies, they succeeded in countering the outdated stereotype of the athletic building as a lagging energy performer.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano

Campus planning that encourages a healthy lifestyle also augments scholastic achievement, improving grades and increasing graduation rates.
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Planning with Athletics

This session will help you find athletics facilities solutions that benefit your entire campus community and reinforce your institutional mission through understanding the issues facing athletics and identifying new strategic associations.
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Revitalizing LSU’s Huey P. Long Field House for Adaptive Reuse

This session will discuss how Louisiana State University (LSU) employed adaptive reuse and revitalization to transform a historic and culturally-significant 1932 field house into a collaborative learning center for kinesiology and sociology programs.