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Voices from the Field: Episode #13

Change Management to Change Leadership: Planning from the Pivot
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Delivered June 15, 2020
Presented by Robert Schultz, Department Chair for Teacher Education, The University of Toledo, and ACE Fellow 2019–2020
Planning Types: Continuity Planning

Institutions referenced in this resource:
Ohio State University-Main Campus, University of Toledo

During his year of ACE fellowship, Robert Schultz, department chair for teacher education at the University of Toledo, had a front row seat as Ohio State University adjusted to COVID-19, seeing firsthand the remarkable pivot a large institution can make when its leadership has spent significant time and effort on teamwork development. He discusses the need for collaborative governance and transitioning to the planning and change leadership that is necessary for schools to effectively strategize for what’s next.

Recorded April 23, 2020.
Host: Nicholas Santilli, Senior Director of Learning Strategy, SCUP, and Former Provost, John Carroll University.