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Conference Presentations

Using Technology to Facilitate a Safe Return to Campus

Published 2021
In order to facilitate a return to campus post-COVID, Penn State leveraged technology and cross-functional teams to successfully plan and implement safe social distancing measures across various rooms types using a decentralized management model.
Webinar Recordings

Managing Your Historic Campus Facilities in Today’s Resource-Constrained Environment

Published 2020
Recorded October 20. How are you addressing your campus’ historic facilities with so many competing needs for limited resources? This webinar will outline strategies for the management of historic properties on college and university campuses, with guidelines, standards, and best practices to address a wide range of concerns dealing with historic facilities.
Webinar Recordings

The Impact of COVID-19 on Construction on Campus

Published 2020
Recorded August 26. This webinar will focus on how higher education campus construction is impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and its positive and negative implications on construction sites on the MIT and Northeastern University campuses. Panelists will share case studies of how on-campus construction has changed, the new supply chains, and staff management consideration.

This is part of the series “Less Talk, More Action: Tactical Topics to Return to Campus.”

Conference Presentations

How to Craft a Living, Data-Driven Facilities Master Plan

Published 2019
In this session, you will learn how the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor’s College of Engineering created this responsive master plan that acts more as an interactive set of tools than a static document.