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Planning for Higher Education Journal

February 26, 2021

American University of Beirut’s Meta-Assessment Framework

Rubrics Improve Evaluation Processes, Set Clear Expectations, and Help in Decision-Making

In a higher education setting, it is important to evaluate assessment processes, establish clear expectations, and efficiently make decisions. Doing so will support program and unit outcomes and periodic program and unit reviews, aligning with the institution’s strategic plan and optimizing budget allocation.

From Volume 49 Number 2 | January–March 2021

Abstract: This article presents a framework for developing a meta-assessment process for evaluating assessment practices in higher education institutions. Meta-assessment is important for improving assessment processes, setting clear expectations, and efficient decision-making. The comprehensive literature on this topic that is included in this article suggests that developing meta-assessment rubrics is an effective method for evaluating assessment. The meta-assessment results can be used in combination with qualitative resources to encourage program self-improvement. At the American University of Beirut, different meta-assessment checklists were developed based on best practices for evaluating program learning outcomes assessment, unit outcomes assessment, periodic program review, and periodic unit review.

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Conference Presentations

July 14, 2019

2019 Annual Conference | July 2019

Integrating Assessment, Strategic Planning, and Budgeting Processes in Higher Education

Abstract: This session introduces best practices for linking assessment, strategic planning, and budgeting processes in higher education and offers a framework developed by the American University of Beirut to integrate these processes. We aim to address the disconnect between assessment, strategic planning, and budgeting processes in higher education and give practical advice on how to bridge this gap based on best practices. You will be able to use our provided framework and best practices to evaluate and improve the level of integration between assessment, strategic planning, and budgeting processes at your institution.

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