SCUP 2021 Annual Conference - July 11-13

SCUP 2021 Annual Conference

July 11-13, 2021

Connect. Inspire. Ignite.

SCUP’s Annual Conference is where higher education leaders share their stories — stories of boundary spanning, cross-functional teams, and resource alignment. These stories motivate, connect, and ignite new ideas that help higher education prepare for whatever is next.

Where it all began.

The story of this country began in Philadelphia as our founders gathered to plan for a new nation. They came from very different areas, with many perspectives, and planning a new government brought them all together. The SCUP community is no different–coming together from a variety of perspectives, regions, and disciplines, the SCUP community holds the stories of the ways ideas, resources, and people come together to create integrated planning solutions that make a difference for higher education.

We’re excited to announce that SCUP 2021 will be both online and in-person. Whether you’ll be with us face-to-face or online, we’re looking forward to sharing the stories that have made an impact in higher education.

Stories make us stronger.

Now, more than ever, we need to bring our experiences, our insights, our integrated planning success stories together. Aligning our resources, building relationships, and creating preparedness for change is where the SCUP community excels and is the very definition of integrated planning. For us to be stronger, we must plan together.

The pieces are coming together.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal! We’re looking forward to reviewing all of the stories, strategies, and frameworks that have made our community stronger. Sessions will be posted in February.

Be ready to learn about how integrated planning practices have created positive change, how planning helped to make something right, and what higher education’s next chapter will look like.

Get a jump start. 

Start your own integrated planning story now. Here are some hallmarks of integrated planning:

  • Cross-functional collaboration: Do people from different departments or functions discuss, decide, and act together?
  • Alignment up, down, and/or sideways: How do institutional priorities and day-to-day actions influence each other? How do decisions in one area of the college or university connect to decisions in another area?
  • Planning linked to resource allocation and assessment/metrics: Does the plan inform resource decisions? Do performance data inform plan decisions?
  • Collaborative governance: Do key stakeholders have a voice in decision making?
  • Future-focused, balancing aspiration with pragmatism: Do you work towards a vision? Are your decisions informed by the realities of the external environment?

Do you have an aha! moment to share? Join one of the SCUP member-only listservs and share your story, ask a question, or simply just tell your friends you’re out there. Start connecting now!

Important Dates

  • Call for proposals closed December 4.
  • Registration opens in February 2021.