SCUP 2021 Annual Conference Campus Tours

Extending our reach: Let’s explore together.

We’re excited to extend our campus tour experience across 11 institutions worldwide this year (including Canada, China, and South Africa).

Founding Vision and Turning Points: Drexel University Campus Tour

From its beginnings in 1891, Philadelphia’s Drexel University has been a distinctly and intentionally urban institution. This campus tour will explore the campus by era, illustrating how various forces and prevailing attitudes towards city life have influenced the campus’s evolution. We will begin our tour with the extraordinary Main Building and conclude by sharing recent partnerships—with developers, the School District of Philadelphia, and others—that are enlivening the campus and strengthening its connections to the city.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Investigate Drexel’s campus history and consider how changing priorities and attitudes—including attitudes towards cities—have affected its development.
  2. Discuss the impacts of meeting the space needs of a contemporary private research university within an evolving urban neighborhood.
  3. Examine the capacity of partnerships to transform an urban university district.
  4. Describe complex urban planning and design issues as they relate to buildings and outdoor spaces as well as how these have changed over time.

Tour Guide: Nancy Rogo Trainer, Drexel University

Continuing Education:
AIA LU 1.0 Unit (SCUP56T006) | AICP CM 1.0 Unit

Recovery to Discovery: H. Lavity Stoutt Community College Tour

In the early 1980s, one man’s vision led to unprecedented educational access for Virgin Islanders. This tour chronicles the development of the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC) into a locally-grounded tertiary institution with international aspirations. Despite facing a series of challenges—most notably two catastrophic Category 5 hurricanes in 2017 and the COVID-19 pandemic—HLSCC remains steadfast in its mission to serve as an educational center of choice. It has progressed even further by keeping alive the legacy of its founder and all those who served as the institution’s champions. Join us on HLSCC’s journey from recovery to discovery.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Discuss the positive impact that experiential learning and professional certification programs have on small communities.
  2. Develop donor relationships that are aligned to institutional priorities.
  3. Identify pathways for transfer into multiple tertiary systems within the US, UK, Canada, and the Caribbean.
  4. Leverage technology to improve learning environment effectiveness on small campuses.

Tour Guide: Bria Smith, H. Lavity Stoutt Community College

Continuing Education:
AIA LU 0.5 Unit (SCUP56T001) | AICP CM 0.5 Unit

Loyalist College Campus Tour

Loyalist College empowers students, faculty, staff, and partners through experiential, industry cluster-based education, training, and applied research programs. As Ontario’s Destination College, the college provides job-ready graduates for, and knowledge transfer to, industry and the community. Located on more than 200 acres in the beautiful Bay of Quinte region, the college is perfectly positioned between Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Loyalist College offers more than 70 full-time diploma, certificate, and apprenticeship programs in biosciences, building sciences, business, community service, health and wellness, media studies, public safety, and skilled trades.

Join us for an engaging tour experience facilitated by recruitment officer and Loyalist College graduate Josh Roberts. Roberts will guide viewers through the state-of-the-art college facilities and speak from personal experience on the uniquely caring and supportive Loyalist College community. Supported by insights from June MacDonald Jenkins, dean, School of Health, Human and Justice Studies, viewers will learn about the college’s Northumberland Wing, where our students collaborate on integrated programming, projects, and applied research to prepare for careers in healthcare or public safety. Kathleen Bazkur, dean, School of Media, Business and Access, will walk viewers through the Digital Media Centre, a 10,000-square-foot all-platform newsroom featuring video editing suites, a television studio, interview and audio production booths, and more. Finally, viewers will hear from Jeremy Braithwaite, faculty member in the School of Applied Sciences, Skilled Trades and Technology, who will guide viewers through The Bay of Quinte Skills Centre, where students train on the latest equipment for in-demand jobs in building sciences and the skilled trades.

Tour Guides: Josh Roberts, June MacDonald Jenkins, Kathleen Bazkur, Jeremy Braithwaite (all from Loyalist College)

Temple University Main Campus Tour

Over the past several years Temple University’s Main Campus has undergone an impressive physical transformation, the result of completed multiple projects from two facilities master plans and a landscape master plan. The campus has redefined its identity from an assemblage of bland modernist-era buildings to a dynamic environment with signature contemporary architecture, an active and unifying landscape, and a preserved historic architectural core. This campus tour will explore how Temple University has improved the student and visitor experience through facility upgrades and the use of “found” outdoor and interstitial spaces to expand its footprint.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Describe how Temple University has creatively overcome its urban planning and design challenges..
  2. Find opportunities on your campus to create unique outdoor spaces for students and the public.
  3. Explain how Temple University has used landscape design to unify a historically eclectic architectural campus.
  4. Define signature architecture and explain its role in redefining the campus experience while meeting the needs of diverse and multi-disciplined schools and colleges.

Tour Guide: James P. Templeton, Temple University

Continuing Education:
AIA LU 1.5 Unit (SCUP56T007) | AICP CM 1.5 Unit

Temple University: Charles Library Tour

Temple University’s new Charles Library is the social and academic heart for a large and diverse student body. Within a vibrant urban context the project reinterprets the traditional research library typology as a dynamic learning hub. Our tour guides will walk you through this international award-winning facility to share the thought process behind the design, project challenges and solutions, and provide an update on how the library has performed since its opening in Fall 2019.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Discuss the design philosophy of this university library in today’s digital age.
  2. Explore the interconnections between the library’s programmatic elements.
  3. Describe how the ASRS (automated storage and retrieval system) integrates into the university’s library system.
  4. Review behind-the-scenes infrastructure including stormwater management and the facility’s green roof.

Tour Guides:
Kristin Shiffert, Stantec
Joe Lucia, Temple University

Continuing Education:
AIA LU 0.5 Unit (SCUP56T002) | AICP CM 0.5 Unit

Thompson Rivers University Tour

Thompson Rivers University (TRU) has evolved from a small Cariboo College in British Columbia to a fully-fledged university—and the first Canadian institution to receive platinum ranking for its leadership in sustainability. TRU has been developing new and renovating existing structures to enhance campus life and add vibrancy to the campus for all who visit it. This tour will showcase how TRU has been developing infrastructure befitting a modern university, including learner-centered spaces, research facilities, and housing. We will also explore how TRU is striving to become a carbon-neutral campus with net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Discuss how TRU’s campus sustainability plan has been guiding low-carbon energy planning and campus expansion.
  2. Leverage community partnerships for the purpose of creating a vibrant campus and serving local communities.
  3. Explain how academic and research departments and capital infrastructure can collaborate to redesign existing spaces and further campus expansion.
  4. Cite specific examples of TRU’s collaborations with the City of Kamloops and infrastructure developers to create a university village comprised of mixed-use developments.

Tour Guides: Matt Milovick, Thompson Rivers University

AIA LU 0.5 Unit (SCUP56T003) | AICP CM 0.5 Unit

A Journey Towards Digital Transformation: Tshwane University of Technology Tour

Tshwane University of Technology is the largest multi-campus contact university in South Africa and one of the preeminent universities of technology on the African continent.
Join us to find out how this people’s university makes knowledge work in our journey towards digital transformation via integrated planning and effective monitoring, evaluation, and reporting.

Tour Guide: Dhaya Naidoo, Tshwane University of Technology

University of Hawaii at Manoa Tour

This tour will showcase the University of Hawaii’s flagship campus and the unique challenges the university faces with regard to long-term planning, campus redevelopment, and designing in a tropical environment. The tour will then focus on the university’s new Life Sciences Building, which consolidated various departments in aging facilities into new state-of-art teaching and research laboratories. This building was one of the first major design-build projects on campus. We will discuss the challenges that were encountered and how each was solved.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Summarize University of Hawaii’s long-range development plans and how they are being implemented.
  2. Describe the unique challenges the university has faced being located in a remote part of the world.
  3. Explain how the new Life Sciences Building helped consolidate various aging facilities under one roof.
  4. Explain how the design/build process works.

Tour Guides: Jan Gouveia, University of Hawai‘i | Seth Siaki, University of Hawai‘i | Ryan Sullivan, G70 | Glen Berry, HERA Laboratory Planners | Seth Goodnight, Layton Construction

University of Toronto Myhal Centre for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Myhal Centre for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship, located in the heart of University of Toronto’s St. George campus, heralds a new era in engineering education with dynamic, flexible environments that bring students, faculty, researchers, alumni, and industry partners together to foster collaboration, encourage active learning, and accelerate innovation. This tour will lead attendees through the eight-story building that features a 500-seat lecture theatre, state-of-the-art collaborative classrooms, workshops, lab spaces, and fabrication facilities as well as several large multidisciplinary research centers and institutes.

Occupying the last unbuilt site on the campus’s main thoroughfare, we will discuss how the Myhal Centre has been designed to have a positive, transformative impact on both the streetscape and the campus at large.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Describe the core concepts that drove the design of the Myhal Centre.
  2. Summarize latest design trends for engineering education.
  3. Explain how design can foster creativity and interdisciplinary collaboration.
  4. Describe one approach to the design of a “100-year” building.

Tour Guide: Robert (Bob) Davies, Montgomery Sisam Architects

University of Toronto Scarborough Campus – Valley Land Trail Tour

The Valley Land Trail at the University of Toronto connects the main upper campus to its ravine and valley lands below. This gently sloping trail winds past trees before climbing above the ravine floor to reveal dramatic views and then ultimately negotiating a 19 meter drop to the forest floor where it meets a city-maintained path. The trail was conceived as a truly accessible pathway that brings our community of all abilities closer to nature and opens up options for teaching and research directly within the lands we occupy.

Tour Guides:
Jennifer Adams Peffer, University of Toronto Scarborough | Mayes Rihani, University of Toronto Scarborough | Dan Bender, University of Toronto Scarborough | Mark Schollen, Schollen & Co. | Markus Hiller, Schollen & Co.

Wilfrid Laurier University: Lazaridis Hall Tour

Lazaridis Hall at Wilfrid Laurier University is a new campus landmark designed for academic collaboration and connection with the community. To satisfy the demands of the growing technology focus within Waterloo, Ontario—the heart of Canada’s technology triangle—the building serves as a state-of-the-art incubator space to promote collaborative research between the university and community. Lazaridis Hall reframes this inward-looking campus with a new urbanity and profile, bridging the physical divide across University Avenue from the main campus. Join us for a tour of a new campus precinct that provides much needed versatile indoor and outdoor gathering spaces.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Explain how the university’s mandate for interdisciplinary unification drove the design of Lazaridis Hall.
  2. Identify the complexities of building a landmark on a main arterial road that divides the existing campus and creates a gateway for campus expansion.
  3. Describe the process of transforming a planned exterior courtyard into a dynamic interior space.
  4. Discover how a 1000-seat auditorium for academic lectures became one of the best places to record and perform music in the region.

Tour Guide: Donald Schmitt, Diamond Schmitt

Continuing Education:
AIA LU 0.5 Unit (SCUP56T005) | AICP CM 0.5 Unit