SCUP North Central Regional Conference 2021 - Make an Impact

North Central 2021 Regional Conference

October 25-27, 2021
Hyatt Regency Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI

Impactful Partnerships

At the SCUP 2020 North Central Regional Conference last fall, the theme of “Intentional Partnerships” inspired a rich program and robust dialogue among presenters and participants. In 2021, we are excited to support the continuity of that collective momentum and collaboration with the connected theme of “Impactful Partnerships.”

The notion of partnerships, in both actions and results, is foundational to SCUP’s distinctive belief that integrated planning is an indispensable and durable model to support evolutionary change in higher education. Both intentional and impactful partnerships are effective tools for navigating from a state of triage to transformation in the continuing confluence of a global pandemic, shifting demographics, financial challenges, and cultural change around social justice. Partnerships are a vehicle that can help campuses create future scenario models, operational flexibility, and lasting sustainability.

The 2021 North Central Regional Conference will embrace a diverse range of viewpoints, case studies, research, etc. that address the enterprise of building and maintaining institutional partnerships.

Join us (in-person)!

Assistant Dean of Students, Student DevelopmentAlbion College
Director, Campus Planning & EnvironmentUniversity of Nebraska Lincoln
Megha Sinha 2020
Principal, Urban Design and PlanningNBBJ
Senior Psychiatrist, University Counseling ServicesUniversity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee