Building. Mission. Culture. – Infusing Social Impact and DEI into ALL Planning Projects

April 12, 2023
Free Webinar 1:00 - 2:15 PM Eastern

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Higher education institutions realize DEI and social impact are no longer optional elements but imperatives to remain relevant. Amidst this renewed awakening around inclusion and social impact, many planning and design leaders still seek a deeper understanding of how design can directly impact these outcomes.

This presentation will provide insight and offer practical solutions for making DEI and social impact foundational and integrated into every building and planning project. It will offer clear strategies and real-world examples that empower attendees to activate more holistic campus planning efforts and more intentionally align social impact and DEI to institutional strategic and capital plans.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Make the case for evolving campus planning approaches to focus on campus-wide DEI and social impact.
  2. Articulate the important differences between designing hubs for social impact and DEI and infusing it throughout campus planning.
  3. Identify ways for Social impact and DEI be integrated into the campus ecosystem-through built solutions, operations and beyond-to encourage ever-present inclusion.
  4. Establish a process for university leaders to promote social impact and DEI as an institutional imperative for every campus planning project.


Timeka Gordon
Director of Inclusiveness and Intercultural ServicesTexas Christian University
Adanna Johnson
AVP for Student Equity and InclusionGeorgetown University
Marisa Nemcik
Architect/Higher Education PlannerCannonDesign
Norm Miles
Senior Vice President and Director of Social Impact and DEI at Cannon DesignBlue Cottage of CannonDesign
Dr Amy Kenny
Associate Director of the Disability Cultural InitiativeGeorgetown University
Annie Selak, Ph.D.
Associate Director of the Georgetown University Women’s CenterGeorgetown University

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Closed captioning via Otter Ai will be provided for this webinar.