Sarah Cantrell

Assistant Vice-President Institutional Planning and Analysis
York University-Keele Campus
Toronto, ON, Canada

Sarah Cantrell is the director of integrated resource planning at York University, as well as the project director for accountability and budget planning for the university’s process reengineering and service enhancement program. She led the university’s budget process review in 2006 and was responsible for implementing the university’s integrated resource planning framework from its inception in 2007. With more than 18 years of university experience, she has held a number of positions, including faculty executive officer, senior coordinator for enrollment planning, and senior coordinator for academic planning. In those roles, her responsibilities ranged from playing a key role in the development and implementation of the enrollment, budget, human resource, and capital expansion plans, to managing student growth and supporting the development of new academic programs. Cantrell is currently the vice-chair of SCUP’s Professional Development Committee. She earned her bachelor’s of applied science from University of Guelph and her master’s of education from the University of Toronto.