Libby Ramirez University Architect/Director, Capital Resources, Oregon State University

Libby Ramirez

University Architect/Director, Capital Resources
Oregon State University

Ramirez is a licensed architect with 29 years of specialized experience in health care, laboratory, and institutional design, and is registered in Oregon and Washington. As the director of capital resources with university facilities, infrastructure, and operations at Oregon State University, she oversees space management and university land use planning, and provides expertise in facilities planning and design, space programming, space allocation, and capital project planning. Ramirez has overseen the construction of the OSU Portland Center, the Forest Science Complex, the Marine Geology Core Repository Facility, and programming for new design projects on the university’s Corvallis campus. She earned a bachelor’s of architecture, bachelor’s of architectural studies, and master’s of business administration from Washington State University. Ramirez is a search advocate and participant in the Social Justice Education Initiative to better understand why “more curiosity, less judgment” is important to our built environment and the community we serve.