Emily Mueller De Celis

Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

Providing leadership on both design and planning projects, Emily guides the realization of many of the firm’s demanding cultural and urban landscapes. Trained as both an architect and landscape architect, Emily is known as an interdisciplinary thinker, collaborating across fields to produce innovative solutions to complex design challenges.

Since joining MVVA in 1999, she has contributed to the firm in every role imaginable. Her strategic thinking, design eye, fascination with materials, and technical skills have been instrumental in the success of diverse projects, ranging from the Wellesley College Master Plan implementation to the design and construction of Teardrop Park in Lower Manhattan. More recently, she has been leading a series of environmentally complex projects for Waterfront Toronto that contribute to the massive transformation of the city’s post-industrial edge on Lake Ontario into a vibrant urban waterfront.

Emily also oversees the day-to-day operations of MVVA’s Cambridge office, where her precision and even-handed approach ensure the success of the projects she leads. Emily received a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from Wellesley College, and she earned a Master of Architecture from the University of Virginia as well as a Master of Landscape Architecture from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design.