David Sanders

Malcolm X College City, Colleges of Chicago

David A. Sanders serves as the President of the new Malcolm X College and School of Health Sciences. He formerly served as Deputy Chief Operating Officer for City Colleges of Chicago. He has also served as a Project Team Leader with the Reinvention initiative and as the Auxiliary Services Director for Kennedy King College.

As the President of the new Malcolm X College (MXC), Mr. Sanders is responsible for over 12,000 students, nearly 1,000 employees and a $40M+ budget.  He is charged with the overall vision, mission and operations of the college as well as developing and implementing a Strategic, Enrollment Management and Equity plan for the college, which includes the development, accreditation, management and control of 26 health science programs; 11 of which are accredited.  Since his appointment in 2015, President Sanders has:

  • Successfully led MXC to approved site and reaccreditation visit by the Higher Learning Commission relative to the move from the old MXC to the new Malcolm X College & School of Health Sciences
  • Led Malcolm X to be named one of the 2019 Most Promising Places to Work in Community Colleges by NISOD and Diverse: Issues in Higher Education magazine; and
  • Successfully led MXC to meet or exceed its metrics in Graduation Rate, (7% to 24%) Completions including Degrees and Certificates (exceeded by 33%), C2C enrollment (exceeded by 22%), Transfers within 2 years (exceeded by 3.9%), Remediation transitions in 1 year (exceeded by 69%), and Pace (exceeded by 2%).  He has also led Malcolm X to one of its highest retention rates at 70% for 2020.  Malcolm X was the worst community college in the District by metrics in 2015; and
  • Successfully led Malcolm X to lead the State of IL in Enrollment Growth by 1,854% over the State average for Enrollment Growth for the period of 2015-2019; and
  • Successfully led Malcolm X to its highest enrollment in Credit program in 2019 exceeding 9,000 students; and
  • Successfully managed the City Colleges of Chicago School of Nursing (CCCSON) to become one of the best Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program in the state by volume and pass rates of 85% for 2015, 92% for 2016 and 94% for 2017, 86% for 2018 and 92% for 2019; and
  • Successfully led MXC to continual success in our licensure pass rates for Health Science programs consistently averaging over 85% over the past 4 years; and
  • Successfully led MXC to generate nearly $5M in new grants in FY21 for a total grants portfolios exceeding $10M annually; and
  • Successfully managed the consolidation of 6 health care programs into the new Malcolm X College including approvals from the varied accrediting and regulatory bodies.

As the Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Sanders was responsible for the management of day-to-day operations at City Colleges.  He also served as the lead executive project manager for the programming, design and construction of the new $251M Malcolm X College and School of Health Sciences; a project completed on time and on budget.  Before his appointment as president, he was also responsible for the programming, design and construction of the new $45M Transportation, Distribution and Logistics Center at Olive Harvey College.

Mr. Sanders holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from DePaul University, Chicago, IL and a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Concordia University and is expected to complete his doctorate in Educational Leadership from Concordia University Chicago in 2021. A dedicated and committed Christian man, Mr. Sanders serves his national, state and local church in a variety of leadership capacities and is known for his faith, humility, liberality, patience, strength and dogmatic determination.

Married to the former Felicia R. Hooker, Mr. Sanders is a dedicated father of three and grandfather of four.  He and his wife reside in Chicago, IL.