2005 - SCUP Distinguished Service Award Recipient

The University of Delaware, Richard A. Rigterink

Richard A. Rigterink has been named a 2005 recipient of SCUP’s Distinguished Service Award. Rigterink is currently a principal at The Campus Studio, an Ann Arbor-based master planning firm which works exclusively with colleges and universities. Prior to founding the firm four years ago, he worked at JJR for 24 years, where he served as senior vice president, and director of the Campus Planning Studio, as well as SmithGroup Education Segment Leader.

Since joining SCUP almost 20 years ago, Rigterink has been actively involved in and a strong supporter of the organization on multiple levels. When working on various campuses, he routinely recommends SCUP membership as being critical to strengthening and expanding in-house knowledge of planning opportunities. He recently completed a two-year assignment serving as chair of the SCUP Culture Task Force. The task force helped define strategies and establish guidelines for strengthening the interface between institutional and corporate members. He served effectively as a member of the SCUP Task Force for Strategic Planning in 1992 – 1993. He continues to serve as a member of the Planning for Higher Education Editorial Board (a position he has held for more than 10 years) and for which he has contributed articles. He has made numerous presentations at both national and regional SCUP conferences and regularly serves as a convener and informal greeter to new members.

“Dick Rigterink’s professional life epitomizes the highest standard for client service,” says James L. Murdock, assistant dean at the University of Michigan and SCUP’s 2004 Distinguished Service Award recipient. “Whether a team member in a large organization, or the leader of his own firm, Dick assesses the need of an organization by careful listening and collaborative decision-making. His commitment to the diverse membership of SCUP is exemplary of networking in its most positive form. I am delighted to applaud his recognition by SCUP.”

The University of Delaware in Newark, DE, also is a recipient of the 2005 SCUP  Distinguished Service Award for its generous and longstanding support of the society at many levels. Their contributions include: a) supporting their institutional members in volunteer leadership to SCUP as presidents, committee chairs, faculty, and academy conveners, b) serving as the site for SCUP’s Mid-Atlantic regional conference, c) providing production studios and expertise in producing SCUP’s satellite telecasts, d) contributing institutional research support with evaluations and surveys, and e) continuously sharing experience with other members through conference presentations, journal articles, and curriculum planning.

Behind every great university are the people who make things happen and contribute to the prestige and excellence of the institution. The University of Delaware is no exception.

David E. Hollowell, a past president of SCUP, has individually received the Distinguished Service Award. He led SCUP’s strategic planning effort in 1994 – 1995 and was instrumental in the creation of an executive director position at SCUP. He also helped the organization create its first web site. He has been a presenter, author, committee member, and academy member.

Michael F. Middaugh, incoming SCUP president, has been a workshop presenter, author, committee member, and academy member. His office at the university is analyzing SCUP’s 2005 Campus Facilities Inventory (CFI) data and assisting in preparation of the survey report.

While at the University of Delaware, Karen Bauer served on SCUP’s Board of Directors, chaired the Professional Development Committee, helped design and launch the SCUP Planning Institute, and served on several committees.

Margaret A. McDermott also is a past recipient of the Distinguished Service Award as a member of the Space Management Team. She is a member of the Professional Development Committee Needs Assessment Task Force, Awards Committee, and is helping with the 2005 CFI project.

As is perhaps already obvious, the university can be characterized as a place that is consistently willing to commit their time, efforts, and emotional energy to further the educational mission that defines the Society for College and University Planning. Congratulations and our sincere appreciation to the university and its higher education community.