2013 - SCUP Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Persis Rickes

Persis C. Rickes, Ph.D. is the 2013 SCUP Distinguished Service Award recipient for exceptional contribu­tion to the activities and success of the society including its purposes, goals and mission. She is president and principal of her own firm, Rickes Associates, Inc.

Rickes has made tremendous contributions to the profession, to institutions, and to SCUP. During her many years working for institutions, she championed fact-based planning from a holistic point of view, with the student always at the center. Her study of and publications on the characteristics of millennial students has been of great importance to SCUP mem­bers and planners. Rickes has always emphasized the importance of vision and strategic decision-making as the origin of all successful plans.

Since founding her practice in 1991, Rickes has expertly guided more than 170 institutions in 24 states and five countries. She has developed a broad and deep understanding of higher education: its people, institutions, and values. This knowledge has informed her work and resulted in many successful planning efforts.

She has shared her knowledge with colleagues through presentations and workshops at both regional and national SCUP conferences, and through her articles, book reviews, and other publications.

She has served in many volunteer positions within SCUP, and has done so for many years. Many have been encouraged by her, and have been privileged to consider her a role model and mentor. She personifies the character, generosity, and graciousness that make SCUP members so special.

Over the past 25 years, Rickes has been a tireless champion and promoter of SCUP. Many members will, no doubt, remember that they first heard the word SCUP from her. SCUP’s North Atlantic Council says, “If one had to choose an individual from among our 5,000 members and say, “This is SCUP,” it would be Persis Rickes.”