Merit - Excellence in Planning for a New Campus

Jio Institute

Jio Institute Campus Master Plan
Jio Institute - Jio Institute Campus Master Plan
Jury Comments
“. . . ambitious endeavor planned with thought leaders from prestigious institutions around the globe . . . brings together multiple facets of academics/education, research, industry outreach/partnership and innovation . . .”


    • Site – 400 acres
    • The landscape vision is a diverse park-like setting that responds to Mumbai’s unique ecology, topography, humid climate, and routine monsoons.
    • Mixing uses at multiple scales helps break down silos.
    • To test ideas emerging through the master planning process, the Jio team constructed a pilot campus.
    • The plan places housing throughout mixed-use neighborhoods near academic, student life, and recreational amenities, dining, and a central green.
    • The plan introduces 19.7 million gsf to support 10,000 fully residential undergraduate and graduate students, 10,000 faculty and staff, a 5,000-bed hospital, and a 2,000-student K-12 international school, alongside a robust arts, innovation, and entrepreneurship district.


“It is in the view of our promoters, Smt Nita Ambani and Sh Mukesh Ambani, to empower the youth to transform societies. We have dreamed of contributing to nation-building by nurturing our youth from India and from around the world to become socially responsive leaders of tomorrow.” —Palak Sheth, Project Director, Jio Institute

The Jio Institute Campus Master Plan establishes the framework and design guidelines for the development of a new 400-acre campus in Navi Mumbai that includes a fully residential higher education institution, medical school, research park, incubation center, convention center, amphitheater, auditoriums, sports facilities, hospital, entrepreneurship district, K-12 school, convenience shops, and all necessary infrastructure, forming a vibrant, multidimensional community within itself.

Jio is an inherently mixed-use environment. A key goal of the plan is to break down silos. Mixed-use housing accommodates undergraduate and graduate students alongside faculty and staff. Active mixed-use buildings sit at the seams of campus districts to encourage interaction, and research and innovation centers are integrated throughout the academic clusters to facilitate cutting-edge experimentation and knowledge creation across disciplines. Each building is intended to be mixed-use in character, housing multiple programs with active ground floors that engage the public realm.

The master plan was developed in its entirety during the global pandemic, prompting the team to create new ways of working and collaborating across countries and continents. In addition to regular consultation with a core team and executive committee, the Jio client established a global network of advisors from Stanford, CalTech, Getty Museum, Yale, Northwestern University, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of South Florida, KAUST, and Nanyang Technological University to counsel the team across eight topical areas ranging from arts to digital learning to medicine. In addition, virtual meetings with the advisory committee infused the effort with best practices and external expertise.

Project Team

Sasaki – Romil Sheth; Caitlyn Clauson; Dennis Pieprz; Sneha Lohotekar