1997 - SCUP Distinguished Service Award Recipient

David E. Hollowell

Dave Hollowell, shown at right with his wife, Kathy, at the President’s Reception at SCUP–32, fits perfectly into the list of outstanding SCUP leaders who have received the Distinguished Service Award. He is well known to most members of the Society, having served as President, Chair of the Strategic Planning Task Force, as national conference chair, Academy Convener, Local Hosts Chair, committee member, presenter, and moderator—among other positions. He has made a significant contribution to the Society’s progress toward becoming the leading association focused exclusively on planning in higher education, a vision he articulated several years ago when he was elected to lead the Society.

Dave is Executive Vice President at the University of Delaware, where his responsibilities include computing and network services, employee relations, facilities, and budget planning. This experience, along with his educational background in information engineering, manufacturing engineering, quantitative methods, and financial planning, certainly prepared him well for the challenges he has successfully met in SCUP.

Because of his extensive participation in SCUP activities, he is identified with many different aspects of the organization. Many members are familiar with his commitment to the Society through his leadership in development and adoption of SCUP’s strategic plan which is guiding us into the next century. His experience as an academy convener and on SCUP regional councils gave him special insights which produced several important and positive changes in those two aspects of SCUP. Still others have special appreciation for the contributions he made to improvement of the Society’s financial status while serving as President, and to the fact that it was his executive decision: “Just go ahead and do it.” that led to the development of SCUP’s first presence on the World Wide Web.

Throughout his participation in SCUP’s leadership, one of Dave‘s primary areas of emphasis has been service to members. That emphasis has been evident in both the services and products provided by the Society and has resulted in benefits for all of us. He also has made a continuing effort to involve others in SCUP by providing them with opportunities both to contribute and to serve in leadership roles, and in that was he has further strengthened the Society and its future.

The Society for College and University Planning is pleased to announce that the recipient of SCUP’s 1997 Distinguished Service Award is David E. Hollowell of the University of Delaware.