2015 - SCUP Distinguished Service Award Recipient

1966 SCUP Board of Directors (SCUP’s first board)

Since 1989, the distinguished service award has recognized exceptional contributions to the activities and success of the society. In celebration of our 50th anniversary, the SCUP Board of Directors bestows the distinguished service award on our first board of directors from 1966:

Harold Goyette accepted the award on behalf of the 1966 
board at SCUP's 50th Anniversary Conference.

  • Kermit C. Parsons, Professor and Chair, City and Regional Planning, Cornell University (President)
  • Norbert Gorwic, Professor of Urban Planning, Wayne State University (Vice- President)
  • Albert R. Wagner, University Planner, University of California (Secretary- Treasurer)
  • John D. Telfer, University Planner, University of Michigan (Executive Director)
  • Harold L. Goyette, Planning Officer, Harvard University (Northeast Region)
  • Lawrence Coleman, University Planner, University of Kentucky (Southeast Region)
  • Carl E. Nielsen, Associate, Crane and Gorwic, Inc. (Central Region)
  • Louis E. Finlay, Associate, Caudill Rowlett and Scott (South Central Region)
  • M. Harry L. Sanders, Jr., Planning Director, Stanford University (West Region)

During a time of when campuses were rapidly expanding to meet surging enrollments, the members of this first board recognized the need for a society where planning knowledge could be shared. They, along with a group of future members, passed a resolution on April 17, 1966, at the University of Pennsylvania, forming the Society for College and University Planning. They held their first board meeting that same day. In the book 20/20 Planning, written by Jeffrey Holmes, board member Al Wagner recalled, “The mood was one of exuberance. We were starting something new, something which no other organization…was offering.” By bestowing this award, the FY14–15 SCUP Board of Directors honors the first board’s vision, tenacity, and dedication to planning. It also thanks them for creating the esprit de corps that is still alive and well in SCUP today.