Regional Council At-Large – North Atlantic Region

SCUP’s regional councils are at the heart of our community and connection. The council guides program content for regional conferences; facilitates engagement of members through the exchange and sharing of planning knowledge for higher education; and develops volunteer and leadership opportunities to advance the collective mission of SCUP for our institutional and professional members. The regional councils are helping the higher education community learn more about planning at the grassroots level.

In addition to the defined functional roles within the regional council, each council may include up to 14 at-large members at its discretion. The council will strive to balance the participation of institutional and corporate membership and diverse perspectives within higher education planning.

Responsibilities for the North Atlantic Region:

  • Participate in regional council meetings (typically a monthly call or virtual meeting), regional conferences and programs, and the SCUP annual conference as possible and practical. During COVID we have increased the frequency of the council calls due to additional program planning for our members.
  • Attend the annual regional council retreat. Typically North Atlantic has held the annual regional retreat in Block Island at the Spring House Hotel. SCUP pays for lodging, the council members pay for transportation.
  • Participate in the planning of regional events and subcommittees as needed.
  • Annually participate in the review of abstracts submitted for the regional conference. The council typically holds a face-to-face program selection meeting in late November or early December in a location to be determined based on the site of the next year’s regional conference. If council members are unable to participate in person, they have called in. During the pandemic, conditions will require this to be a virtual meeting.

SCUP Membership Required? Yes

Minimum Qualifications: Have attended at least one regional conference. Additional engagement in SCUP is preferred but not required. Engagement may include attendance to a national conference, speaking or convening at a regional or national event, participation in the SCUP Academies, and/or involvement in other organizations related to planning for or advancing the mission of higher education.

Terms of Service: Three-year term with the opportunity for reappointment for a second term. After a second term, the at-large council member may serve in a different role as a SCUP regional volunteer.

Time Commitment: 1-5 Hours month

Training: Limited Training by staff

Travel Requirements: 2 Meetings annually (when viable)

Be sure to visit the regional council page to learn more about our current council members.