SCUP Excellence in Planning

This award recognizes that comprehensive campus planning and design are collaborative and involve campus planners, architects, administrators, faculty, professional consultants, and many stakeholders. We recognize that some plans may take years to fully implement, but it must be evident that a significant event—such as a strategic, physical, or facilities change; a change that triggered expansion; executive board actions; or the establishment of a new strategic partnership—has taken place.

  • Excellence in Planning for a New Campus
    This category recognizes an exemplary physical master plan for an entirely new campus or for planning a new satellite or branch campus physically separated from the established college or university campus.
  • Excellence in Planning for an Existing Campus
    This category recognizes a comprehensive campus-wide plan for adding, updating, augmenting or rearranging existing spaces due to institutional or community changes. These may include shifts in surrounding land use, enrollment, mission, academic or student life programs, property ownership, partnerships, and system mandates on an existing campus.
  • Excellence in Planning for a District or Campus Component
    This category recognizes an integrated plan for an entire geographic or functional sub-area of a campus. It includes plans for components of a campus such as athletic and recreational areas, housing districts, or academic medical centers. It could also be an historic preservation plan for a campus precinct that has undergone restoration, renovation or adaptive re-use due to obsolescence, deterioration over time, or deferred maintenance.

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