Urban Design


Campus Image and Identity

The eight chapters in this book reflect Richard Dober’s categories of the elements of campus image and design. Within each chapter, each page displays two campus scenes, chosen for thought-provoking comparison—and a brief comment from Dober regarding each.

Campus Planning

This classic by Richard P. Dober, which thoroughly reviews the fundamentals of campus planning, was first printed in 1963.
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Connection Hubs

We will look at examples of connection hubs and discuss how they are designed, their benefits, and how their impact is measured.
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Promoting Just and Resilient Urban Communities Through Integrated Planning

In this session, we'll discuss how urban institutions are serving essential roles in their cities by addressing inequities in education, economic opportunities, and health.
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Revitalization at Harvard’s Center

Come learn how we successfully navigated stakeholder outreach and generated a campus center design solution within the existing building.
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Stanford’s Main Quad

This presentation will address how a strong campus identity can create community engagement, facilitate discourse, and influence pedagogy through architecture that recalls the past, is relevant to the present, and can adapt to the future.