Project Management

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A University’s Successful Campus Relocation Using Integrated Planning

This session will discuss how the University of Western States used integrated planning and data-informed decision making to design, build, and relocate to a new campus over a two-year period.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Collaborating, ‘Speed Dating,’ Celebrating, and More

University colleagues share techniques and tools they find effective in their strategic planning process—and in fostering participation and intentional conversations.
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From “Breaking Bad” to Breaking Norms

We will demonstrate how advances in modular building delivery are being applied to sophisticated buildings (including BL2 and vivarium) such that users perceive them as an improvement to the current condition.
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Improve Implementation and Innovation With Project Management

We will share how University of Illinois has introduced project management tools and processes to help stakeholders implement plans and use resources more effectively.
Planning for Higher Education Journal

Overcoming a $90M Budget Overage in Vanderbilt University’s Residential Colleges

The University, architects, engineers, strategic planning consultants, and contractor teams worked hand in hand to peel back the onion to stem the overruns.
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Programming and Designing Science Labs in a P3 Delivery model

This session will focus on how University of California Merced defined an academic and research science program for an unknown group of scientists to allow for a selection process, the resultant design dilemma faced by the architects, and how the team took on the challenge of modifying the generic laboratories.