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6 Integrated Planning Strategies and Tips We Learned at SCUP 2023

Every year at SCUP’s annual conference, over 1,000 of higher education’s leaders and innovators gather to share how they are advancing integrated planning at their college or university. Out of the wealth of tools, strategies, and tips shared at SCUP 2023, which took place earlier this month in Cleveland, here are six that stood out.
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A Guide for Optimizing Resource Allocation

By connecting assessment, strategic planning, and budgeting processes, the real needs and priorities of an institution are revealed. Colleges and universities can adapt the provided, step-by-step framework to their own institutional structure and methods.
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Academic Deans Reveal Their Leadership Styles

Academic deans adopt one of three approaches when developing the annual budget report for their colleges: distributed authorship, delegated authorship, or dominated authorship. Depending on the approach they select, deans can include and collaborate with their senior teams—or exclude, ignore, and alienate them. Their choice demonstrates how they lead.
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Book Review: How University Budgets Work

This book serves as a primer for establishing a baseline by which academic leaders can participate in conversations regarding finances at their institutions.
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Budget Process Flowchart

Flowchart showing the budget planning process at the university.
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Calendar to Develop Annual Plans & Budgets for the 2022–23 Academic Year

The college recently redesigned its planning and budgeting process to strengthen alignment and improve communications. This calendar depicts the timeline for that process.
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Engaging Faculty Senates in the Budget Planning Process

The opinions of faculty may add to the development of productive strategies during tough economic times.

Integrated Resource and Budget Planning at Colleges and Universities

This book is the culmination of several years of discussions, face-to-face roundtables, conference calls, and virtual meetings by SCUP’s Resource & Budget Planning Advisory Group. Each chapter is a tool crafted by experienced, on-campus peer-practitioners.
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No-Brainer or Brain-Twister?

While there is no one right way to link planning and budgeting, there is good practice: what works to influence behavior in the direction of institutional goals, supported by strong leadership.
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Organizing Financial Information to Support University Planning and Analysis

Before investing in complex and costly new technologies, first consider whether your institution would benefit from a redesigned chart of accounts.
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Pivot! Planning During a Pandemic and Staying on Course

In this session, we'll share best practices and lessons learned in virtually adapting the cycle of planning and budgeting processes to an uncertain, volatile, and virtual environment.
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Planning and Budget Alignment

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Planning at Mesa Community College

Within the span of a year, it’s possible to make significant progress toward achieving and institutionalizing integrated planning and budgeting.
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Responsibility Center Budgeting and Management “Lite” in University Finance

Despite its promise of revenue generation, cost reduction, and a host of other benefits, what is it about RCB/RCM that leads universities to deploy it only partially?
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Strategic Realignment of Resources Initiative

Website for a resource alignment initiative aligned with the institution’s strategic plan.
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Success 2030

The institution’s 2020–2030 strategic plan.
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Success by Design

Website presenting the university’s expedited and focused strategic planning process.
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Survival of the Financially Fittest

Leaders must look closely at financial trends that may reveal signs of trouble—in the short or immediate term—and have the courage to act to address them.
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Transforming Data into Meaningful Information

Leaders in two different accreditation regions share best practices and lessons learned from their integrated planning evolution and its impact on operational efficiency and student learning.