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Ways to Connect With SCUP Peers During COVID

Published March 13, 2020
By Mike Moss, President, SCUP
Planning Types: Continuity Planning

Everything is different today. The word “pandemic” changed everything.

We are a community where planning comes together, and I know that our professional work and connections create relationships that transcend the plan. We have heard many of you are leading crisis management activities on campuses. Then there are the thousands of you supporting the institutions, having tough conversations in an effort to partner on what’s next. It’s remarkable to see how a crisis activates the best of humanity and reminds us of the power of the SCUP community.

Crisis brings questions and the need to connect with a supportive community. We have two tools at your disposal to connect with SCUP members.



We’ve set up the SCUP Slack Channel for you to connect and start talking through challenges you face in your workplace. For those of you unfamiliar with Slack it’s similar to text messaging via computer and similar to Microsoft Teams and other collaborative platforms.

  • Click this link to join
  • Set up your profile
  • Start the discussion in the “Channel” you want to ask questions. We have currently set up the following Channels:
    • COVID-19
    • Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference
    • Pacific Regional Conference
    • Academic Planning
    • Campus Planning
    • Resource and Budget Planning
    • Institutional Direction Planning

More channels are sure to come! Interested in another channel? Email and our team will review.


Find the right experts to assist you now by searching the entire SCUP membership via the SCUP Member Directory. Also, be sure you are listed in the directory so you can offer help in return.

Accessing The SCUP Online Member Directory

  • Log into your account
  • Confirm your Account Profile is up-to-date and that you have said “Yes, I want to share my contact information with the SCUP Member Directory!”
  • Click “Member Directory” on the left hand navigation and begin your search!

We also have our social media channels that are incredibly active that you can join the conversations:


Our physical office is closed and our staff remain available while working remote. Like you, we are tackling multiple demands in managing this changing landscape due to COVID-19. Please know we are doing our best to answer your questions and inquiries as quickly as possible. We are here for you and appreciate your understanding should we not meet, or exceed, our normal customer service levels.

Finally, times like these come with stress – plan in place or not – and we must offer support, grace, and flexibility. I encourage each of us to take 1 minute a day to send an email, text, or call someone to tell them they are doing a great job. They probably need to hear it right now. And be sure to remind yourself that you, too, are doing an incredible job in these extraordinary times.

Stay healthy and take care of yourself, your family, and our community.

Mike Moss
President, SCUP