Planning for Higher Education Journal

The Characteristics of a University Capital Construction Documents Archive Library

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From Volume 41 Number 1 | October–December 2012
By Alyson DePaul, Connie Dyar, Jennifer Banning, Richard C. Runner
Planning Types: Campus Planning

Throughout the history of a four-year university, there are large numbers of records generated, maintained, and archived when campus buildings are constructed, renovated, or demolished. At Illinois State University, the Facilities Planning office is the keeper and protector of the university’s irreplaceable plans, manuals, contracts, and other pertinent documents. The office is currently using an external space to store these documents that is unsuitable and harmful to the documents themselves. Hence, the authors embarked on a survey research project of seven midwestern university archive libraries to determine what characteristics are important in a successful design that could be used by Facilities Planning and other architecture or engineering offices to create future archive spaces.

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