Planning for Higher Education Journal

Tenure: Necessity or Anachronism?

Journal Cover
From Volume 27 Number 1 | Fall 1998
By Roger Baldwin

Book reviews of The Case for Tenure, eidted by Matthew W. Finkin. Cornell University Press, 1996. 211 pages ISBN 0-8014-3316-9. (and) New Pathways: Faculty Careers and Employment for the 21st Century. American Association for Higher Education: Alternatives to Tenure for the Next Generation of Academic, Inquiry # 14, by David Breneman. 1997. 16 pages; Academic Freedom Without Tenure?, Inquiry #5, by J. Peter Byrne. 1997. 17 pages; Off the Tenure Track: Six Models for Full-Time, Nontenurable Appointments, Inquiry #10, by Judith Gappa. 36. Pull quotes: "Higher education institutions in recent years have hired an increased number of faculty in positions not eligible for tenure and fewer faculty in positions that will lead to tenure." "The broader society will largely decide the future of tenure."

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