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Emerging Vocational Classrooms

Delivered October 27, 2021
Presented by Charlene Johnsos, Kluber Architects + Engineers | Mike Kluber, Kluber Architects + Engineers | Jeremy Unruh | Ruth Williams, Oakton Community College

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Oakton Community College

The jobs that power our economy are evolving daily and educational facilities must keep ahead of workforce demands in order to stay relevant to the students they serve. This is especially true for community colleges with vocational curricula, which have historically helped to lead communities out of recessions. Come learn how you can modify your educational facilities in response to emerging vocations and work with local laws, grants, and industry partners to build for changing curricula.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Identify changes in vocations that require updated facilities and curricula as well as how these vocations impact other areas, such as law, economics, chemistry, biology, therapy, and agriculture.
  2. Find relationships and partnerships that can help meet facility and curriculum goals, including other educators and industry partners.
  3. Discuss how to budget for future campus adjustments necessary for accommodating emerging vocational training.
  4. Advocate for packaging courses to create certificates and specialized degrees.


Charlene Johnsos, Project Manager / Architect, Kluber Architects + Engineers
Mike Kluber, President, Kluber Architects + Engineers
Jeremy Unruh, SVP, Public and Regulatory Affairs,
Ruth Williams, Asst VP of Academic Affairs, Dean of Curriculum & Instruction, Oakton Community College

Continuing Education Units: AIA LU 1.0 Unit (SCUPC21C1432) | AICP CM 1.0 Unit

Delivered 10/27/2021.

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