Reviewing and Updating Your Mission Statement

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Published April 20, 2021
By Nicholas R. Santilli, PhD, SCUP | Sadie Wutka, SCUP

An effective mission statement can act as an institution’s North Star—providing a distinct, constant direction that a college or university can travel towards. But frequently, college and university mission statements are too broad, too vague, or too outdated to help institutions navigate today’s challenges and opportunities.

This toolkit will help you craft a mission statement that is both inspirational and useful. It will walk you through the steps of evaluating your current mission statement, facilitating the key conversations and decisions that underpin an effective mission statement, and writing a mission statement that serves your institution.

Table of Contents:

  • Reviewing and Updating Your Mission Statement
    • Mission or Vision?
    • The Mission and Planning
    • A Good Mission Statement
    • Four Elements of a Good Mission Statement
    • Evaluating the Mission Statement
    • Worksheet: Evaluating Your Mission Statement
  • Writing Your Mission Statement
    • Analysis
    • Reflection
    • Writing
    • Worksheet: Reflecting on Your Mission
    • Worksheet: Writing Your Mission Statement

  • After You’ve Updated Your Mission Statement
  • Examples of Mission Statements
  • References


Nicholas Santilli, PhD

Senior Director of Learning Strategy, SCUP
Former Provost and Professor of Psychology, Emeritus, John Carroll University

Sadie Wutka

Director of Content Strategy, SCUP

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