Planning for Higher Education Journal

Resilient Renovation

Integrating Flexibility in Historic Renovation
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From Volume 44 Number 1 | October–December 2015
By Susan Welch, Nicole M. Dress
Planning Types: Campus Planning

This article outlines the challenges faced and solutions developed by the project team to address resiliency in the systems and use of the Burrowes Building at Penn State University. The project is designed to transform the space for greater learning and scholarship by faculty and students, promote administrative efficiencies, ensure adaptability for future needs, preserve the central building’s historic appearance, and improve Burrowes’s face on The Mall.
The article is segmented into six sections that present a comprehensive discussion of this project’s planning process, funding, and design:
- Campus Context: The Iconic Mall
- Academic Purpose and Benefits
- Planning for Resiliency
- Programmatic Challenges
- The Planning Process
- Design Solutions
The article closes with a report on how a seemingly unremarkable project, a simple mechanical, electrical, and plumbing renovation, can transform a building from a serviceable, “make-do” space into one that encourages and inspires its users. Further, the conclusion discusses the many ways in which the renovation of the Burrowes Building demonstrates the university’s commitment to resiliency now and in the future.

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