Planning for Higher Education Journal

Planning, Utopia, and Heritage in the Design of Campuses

The University of Virginia as a Paradigm
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From Volume 47 Number 3 | April–June 2019
By Pablo Campos, Richard Wilson
Planning Types: Campus Planning

Human education is an experience that has a spatial dimension. To optimize the design/architectural component as a factor of excellence, historically, the coordination of two attitudes at universities has been a vital heritage: utopia and planning. Utopia is the energy used by universities to conceive and evolve their physical establishments. By the process of planning, campuses have undergone a long-term evolution of their built heritage, focusing on those where the hallmark is their human scale. This article illustrates briefly the application of these concepts in five cases, which have been culturally recognized as UNESCO World Heritage sites. However, it explores in depth one of those: The University of Virginia.

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